Translation Policy

Our goal is to provide timely and accurate communications in the official languages –French and English.

Our translations are guided by the following:

1. Source language

MTN Cameroon is a local operation of the MTN Group and may issue its communications in either of the official languages. Information published on and may therefore be prepared initially in English or French for which translation into either of the official languages may be required.

2. Content is published before translation

Our primary concern is to publish accurate information in a timely manner and it is often imperative that we publish content as soon as it is released by MTN Cameroon. We therefore publish time-sensitive content in any of our official languages before the translation process is initiated.

3. Content does not require translation

For legal, regulatory and technical reasons, not all information published on and may be translated. Such documentation includes official Company filings, technical specifications, financial documents and regulatory notifications. Therefore, contents for which translation is not required shall remain in English, mindful of the fact that English is the official MTN Group language.

4. Feedback

If you spot any errors in our translations, or would like to provide feedback on the website, please browse through our Contact page.